Voice of Customer [VoC]

Should you build & scale a VOC program? A quick read through this post may help you decide. 

Building a customer experience program, with an emphasis on capturing feedback and driving business outcomes based on that data, is a key differentiator in today’s service economy. A “Voice of the Customer” installation will provide you the insights and guidance required to be successful, both today and in the years to come.

The goal of VOC is to actively listen to your customers and to take action based on solid research and analytics principles while maintaining authentic customer relationships.

Integrity and trust are the core components of a thriving VOC program. Honestly and transparency help to create the trust required to build authentic relationships with your customers. Throughout the touch-points in the customer’s journey, you will be asking them to participate in your research, and effectively inviting them into the VOC process as a critical component – helping to shape your business goals and objectives. If you ask, you must act. Collecting data for data’s sake is no good. You must make an effort to communicate back to your customers, continuously providing updates on progress and the direction of the program. This will foster the willingness of participants to stay actively involved with your brand and provides countless benefits.

Looking for ways to grow your revenue? Increase CSAT, lower effort score, and/or improve NPS?

Are the leaders in your organization asking increasingly difficult questions, looking to understand current product adoption or anticipating future market trends?

Collecting data through surveys and other analytics tools you can stitch together the means to correlate a direct impact between VOC initiatives and several strategic outcomes.

If you’re an executive looking to establish a VOC program or working for an organization that needs to quickly move on VOC/CX initiatives, put our experience to work for your team. The time to value is incredible and can serve as a transformative experience for both your business and your customers.